Shannon Evette

Master of the healing arts.

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Hello, I’m happy you’re here!

No matter what may have led you here, through immersive learning, conscious community and authentic connection, you will flourish in life and flourish in love. Your birthrights of freedom, courage and peace will be reclaimed. We are boldly entering our deeper expressions of truth, worthiness and intuitive power.
I am honored to be on this journey of wholeness with you. Together, we will maximize our effectiveness and power in this world through Divine calling and purpose.

Are you ready to go higher, live freer and feel better? If so, I say, welcome home…

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Esther Queendom Academy

Embrace your Evolution.


Inspired by the ANOINTED Healing Rituals, Sacred Self-Care Practices, and Spiritual REVELATIONS in the Old Testament Book of Esther...

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