The Inner Court

Inner Healing. Relationships. Wellness. Prosperity

The Inner Court is a 12-month immersive learning and collaborative online community. It provides LIVE weekly classes, anointed inspirational mentors, and 24/7 accountability, covering the topics of inner healing, relationships, wellness, and prosperity.


When you join our Inner Court, you’ll receive direct access to Shannon’s private audio training library with over 300 hours of teaching.

Imagine a life where you are unstuck and live with extraordinary energy, wellness, inner peace and beautiful happiness?

VALUE: $389.00

Discover the unlimited wisdom, wealth, worthiness, wholeness and well-being revealed through healing, honoring and purifying your WOMB.

VALUE: $555.00

The 72 hour system to clear your intimacy blocks, invite your soulmate, and surrender to the ecstasy of lifetime LOVE.

VALUE: $199.00

The Inner Court is Where Supernatural Healing & Success Happens!

Powerful Mentorship from Transformational Teachers

Learn LIVE every Monday from our team of mastery level mentors.

Inner Court Monthly Membership

Enroll in Shannon Evette’s Inner Court today and receive the following:

UNLIMITED COURSE ACCESS: Instant access to our Course Vault (containing over 300 hours of mastery level trainings).

EXCLUSIVE COMMUNITY: Instant access to our 24/7 robust, engaged, private lifestyle learning community.

MASTERY COACHING: Instant access to weekly LIVE group mindset, mentoring, and life coaching lectures.

MONTHLY INNER COURT TUITION: $55 (billed every 30 days) or pay for the full year for $555.00 and save two months tuition.

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