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Soul replenishment for the SUPER-WOMAN…


We often need reminders as women to SLOW down; it’s almost like we need permission to take care of ourselves without guilt. My mother lost one of her best friends many years ago, her friend was only 30 years old. My mother created a mantra after the funeral, and she has repeated it to me more times than I can count: “Shannon, Superwomen die young.” OUCH!

The women who are there for everyone, doing everything are the ones who end up, more than likely, neglecting, forgetting, or not tending to their own needs. We allow false guilt, unexpressed desires, unhealed anger, unhealed emotions, the “need to be needed,” and being “on” for everyone else to drive them into a host of health issues. How many women in your circle are suffering from fibroids, fibromyalgia, diabetes, arthritis, autoimmune disease, or illness? Obesity? Overwhelming Stress? Sickness? Fatigue? Depression? Anxiety?  Many of us have NO clue by looking from the outside just how hard women are striving publicly and suffering privately.

Everything in this life, our relationships, our finances, health & social environment, is filtered through the view & concept of self. If we are not well within, nothing will be well without. In seasons of replenishment, our greatest work & calling is to tend to the interior of our souls. Although healing has many layers and takes TIME, it is that initial, sacred appointment that we keep with God and ourselves, that help inspire us to new heights of beauty and glorious resilience.

God, in scripture promises the harmonious restoration of our soul & strength, yet in this same 23 Psalm, we are told that finding rest is an inner journey that provides an outer reward. For each loss, change or transition, we must allow ourselves equal grace, time, compassion, and intuitive guidance to rest and reset. Often times holy rage must come before forgiveness, the hatred must come before love, the pain must come before the beauty. 


Once we grieve hard, we get back to the business of living; we move onward, upward and GODWARD to a new life. We allow old things to pass away; we rise and decorate our souls with the beauty promised from these ashes… “Love always gives the loving answer and sometimes the loving answers no.” – Marianne Williamson

Elevate your mind… deepen your spirit… take care of your SOUL! 

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