The Esther Queendom Academy will empower you to recapture your vision, reclaim your VOICE and be restored in your VALUE. You exist. Your needs matter.  Your desires, dreams and wants are worthy of your full attention and expression.

The Esther Queendom Academy will provide you with the tools, instruction and inspiration to expand in ways you have yet to imagine.  We provide you with the tools, mentoring, life-coaching and sisterhood. This is your safe place to SOAR, restore and replenish on every level.


“Esther was a woman of clear judgment, courage and self-sacrifice. Esther was lifted from exile and poverty to being a Queen. She did not allow her background to determine what God could do for her future.”

- Michelle McClain-Walters


Esther went through a year-long process of being prepared, positioned and purified for PURPOSE. She humbly entered her promised land of wealth, fortune and Queendom LEGACY not from a place of striving and force, but from a place of strategy and FLOW…

Queen Esther embodied the Queendom MINDSET below that we will explore, practice and master as students in the 2018 Queendom Academy:

During Our 12-Month Learning Journey in the Queendom Sacred Sisterhood We Master Principles and Practices to Live a

Full, Rich and EMBODIED LIFE..

The Esther Queendom Academy follows a Divinely inspired, easy to follow monthly curriculum course MAP:


Week 1: Sacred STUDY:

Your Monthly Esther Academy E-Map (Includes your new moon and full moon self-care rituals, purpose activation prayers, study scriptures. monthly essential oil, purification recipes, group coaching topic, and suggested resources/reading.)


Week 2: Sacred SOUL WORK:

Video Life Coaching and Spiritual Mentoring Session with Shannon, each video coaching session includes a soul-work and self care assignment.  


Week 3: Sacred SELF-CARE:

This is your soul-sabbatical week of intentional slowing down, mindfulness and reflective solitude. This is your “me time moment.” We encourage you to find at minimum one day this week to engage in a self-care, reading, relaxing, resting or self-love activity JUST for you.


Week 4: Sacred SISTERHOOD:

Join us for our LIVE Sacred Sisterhood Gathering online. We gather from across the globe to share, uplift, heal, inspire and SOAR in collective power, unity and purpose activation. This is your time to connect with like-minded women in the beautifully, high-energetic space of calling and holy community.  

The Esther Queendom Academy is a year-long transformative wellness, purpose activation and spiritual growth practice. Our matchless learning curriculum is anchored by the power of Scripture, science, business strategy, ancient beauty secrets and advanced mindset transformation tools, join us as we learn and master the




  • Master spiritual and practical mindfulness tools to cleanse past trauma and cultivate health and happiness.
  • Release triggers, rewire memories and create an internal environment of renewed, elevated and clear thinking.
  • Cultivate a daily spiritual practice of mindfulness for greater awareness, mental focus and disciplined thinking.
  • Discover timeless spiritual artistry principles from the great Christian mystics on how to delve deeper into scripture and study without the confining and limiting restraints of religion.
  • Increase in your understanding and practical application in the knowledge of God and wisdom of the Universal laws of abundance, attraction, love, and surrender.
  • Deepen in your spiritual bliss and freedom by respecting the awesome beauty of nature and enhance your intuitive gifts of perception and second sight.
  • Live life in alignment with your sacred calling as you step into position to receive your assignment. Be equipped with the full arsenal of Queendom resources to conquer lost and new territory.
  • March to the tune of your holy rhythm, fulfilling your soul’s desires and leading your Divine legacy.
  • Flow in the anointing of the leading of your inner voice, the Holy Spirit guiding you through each turn and twist that the call may take you.
  • Deepen in your understanding and wisdom of solving complex issues and problems while protecting your energy.
  • Learn to develop a daily and weekly soul-care practice to strengthen your inner-citadel, cultivate your inner-garden and spiritual ingenuity.
  • Practice the forgotten art of dignity and spiritual poise. Learn how to calm the mind and execute your Queendom Mission with fortitude and nobility.
  • Rise in power, purpose and prosperity. Achieve divine abundance that goes beyond one-time blessings into long-lasting wealth.
  • Tap into your sacred alchemy as a woman. Fall into the ease of a woman who knows her season for growth, rest, labor and harvest.
  • Watch your desires materialize as you align your energy, intentions and actions with the activity of the Divine mind.  
  • Captivate the marketplace by developing a strategy for success based on your individual message, business or story rather than conforming to the masses.
  • Rise above the paralyzing fear of others judging you and move forward towards your destiny with new focus and renewed energy.
  • Own your authentic truth and celebrate the radiant beauty of your soul’s journey with wild abandon.
  • Discover the ancient feminine art of allure, seduction and sensuality. Heal the hardness around your heart and invite new love.
  • Learn the feminine power of influence with men, children and communities as you increase in magnetism and the spiritual laws of surrender and attraction.
  • Soft is the new strong, learn how to practice restraint with dignity and how to activate your feminine “Kingmaker” anointing.
  • Deepen in your understanding and wisdom of solving complex issues and problems while protecting your energy.
  • Learn to develop a daily and weekly soul-care practice to strengthen your inner-citadel, cultivate your inner-garden and spiritual ingenuity.
  • Slow down and get there faster, learn the beautiful art of stillness, solitude, sabbath rest, silence and coming home to the self.
  • Master your unique story, speech or MESSAGE to this world, learn how to use your pain for purpose and your wounds for wisdom.
  • Align your life with your sacred contract, the Divine role you are destined to play and activate to higher levels of your purpose.
  • Discover and deepen in your spiritual gifts and determine where your gifts are most needed in order to serve.
  • Heal the need to shrink, play small, or hide your light, increase in personal worthiness, presence, bravery, boldness and confidence.
  • Magnetize wealth in this noisy world by leveraging your quirks, flaws and allow what you consider your ”weaknesses” to be used to your advantage.
  • Embrace your truth and shine without shame. Stop fearfully conforming, compromising and apologizing for being different.
  • Co-create your miracle of rebirth, restoration and Divine vindication.
  • Witness a Divine role-reversal of the “odds” in your favor…as you see Psalms 23 activation, your cup will run over.
  • Believe in the power of the unseen and open your heart to receive the supernatural favor and grace assigned to your life.
  • Elevate in emotional, spiritual and intellectual intelligence and deepen in your confidence.
  • Reclaim self-mastery and maintain an inner-spiritual atmosphere of strength, fortitude and peace.
  • Practice proven memory and mindset principles needed to recalibrate your thinking and reset your life for radiant success.
There is no lasting CROWN without being surrounded a Queen’s Court of Wise Mentors, Strategists and Advisors. 
Our Queendom Academy Students will have the honor of  experiencing transformational instruction and initiation from some of the top leaders in the world of business, wellness, finance, inner-healing, creative arts, entertainment, spirituality, biblical studies and intuitive femininity and sacred gifting work. 


 We ask you to carefully reflect on the questions/criteria below before proceeding with enrollment in the Esther Queendom Academy:


1. Are you committed to the uplifting and empowerment of women?

2. Are you able to devote 1-2 hours per week for personal study and spiritual advancement?

3. Are you in the mindset of investing in your spiritual growth by paying your monthly (affordable) membership dues with consistency and commitment for the year-long journey?

4. Are you at a place in your life where you are ready to leave the pain of your comfort zone and step into the prosperity of your promised land, even if it requires your surrender to God’s leading?

5. Are you willing to unlearn and release old habits and mentalities that no longer serve your growth, wellness or personal wealth journey?

6. Are you teachable, and open to mentorship as well as group coaching, monthly reading and lifestyle learning?

7. Can you see yourself in a position of influence, leadership or service to those in need in your community or immediate environment?

8. Are you willing  to reclaim your wholeness, your worthiness and your birth rights of personal freedom, joy and Divine grace?


If you answered YES to the questions above, please proceed to your journey of a lifetime.

About the Founder

For the past two decades, Shannon Evette has lived one mission: empowering fellow seekers to embrace their God-given calling, freedom and worthiness. Shannon is an award-winning speaker, celebrated author and intuitive pioneer in the field of conscious spiritual growth and holistic health.
An avid researcher and spiritual influencer, Shannon has earned a distinguished reputation for providing thousands with the self-discovery tools to flow successfully in their unique purpose. This enables them to evolve beyond past pain and cultivate a life of deeper significance, love and emotional freedom.
Shannon mentors over 150,000 followers and students per year via her live social media broadcasts, podcasts, inner-healing retreats, books, blog, online platforms and international coaching practice. Her mentees and students are energized to transcend personal limitations, end the addiction to self-suffering, and fear-based habits of procrastination and self-doubt. Through receiving relevant mindset tools and intuitive healing principles, mentees learn how to manifest extraordinary love and become courageously activated in purpose!

Your sacred Journey over the next twelve months in the 2018 Queendom Academy will lead you higher in spiritual confidence, physical beauty, and purpose-centered business vision.

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