Heralded “A Modern Day Sage” by thousands of students devoted to her transformational teachings, Shannon Evette is considered one of the most gifted and relevant spiritual artists of our time. Weaving a path of soul-level-connection that transcends religious, cultural and social conditioning, Shannon’s words penetrate hearts and minds with the weight and anointing of inspired truth.

For the past two decades, Shannon Evette has lived one mission: empowering fellow seekers to embrace their God-given calling, freedom and worthiness.  Shannon is an award-winning speaker, celebrated author and intuitive pioneer in the field of conscious spiritual growth and holistic health.

An avid researcher and spiritual influencer, Shannon has earned a distinguished reputation for providing thousands with the self-discovery tools to flow successfully in their unique purpose. This enables them to evolve beyond past pain and cultivate a life of deeper significance, love and emotional freedom.

Shannon profoundly moves audiences with timely messages of courage, wholeness and sustainable transformation.

Shannon mentors over 300,000 students per year via her live video broadcasts, podcasts, inner-healing retreats, books, blog, online platforms and international coaching practice. Her mentees and students are energized to transcend personal limitations, end the addiction to self-suffering, and fear-based habits of procrastination and self-doubt. Through receiving relevant mindset tools and intuitive healing principles, mentees learn how to manifest extraordinary love and become courageously activated in purpose!

Shannon inspires conscious reawakening and her students learn how to create sustainable happiness. Shannon is a devoted Queen Mother of three teenage sons and is dedicated to instilling her Rising Kings with a strong reverence for God, nature, community and personal power through higher purpose.

Shannon Evette is the founder of the Queen Esther Retreats, Evolve Daily TV and is the author of the life-expanding book, Still Worthy.


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