October 1, 2018 Worthiness 2 Comments

Worthiness and the POWER of Words…

If you stopped right now and asked yourself, “Where did I get my idea of self from?” Like many of us, you may determine that the voices of childhood still ring in your head as truth. Many of the words that were spoken came from those who were struggling with their own demons, worthiness and fears. These are words that distorted our well-being and sense of healthy self-esteem. 

Soul-killing words of rejection have the power to diminish our birthright of worthiness. Hurtful words can reprogram us to abandon our dreams. As adults, many of us find ourselves fighting against the tapes that were recorded on our subconscious long before we had the ability to think, discern and separate fact from fiction. In my private inner-healing clinics and workshops, I often find that many of us are still operating from the deep traumas of childhood that remain untreated and unhealed. If you grew up in an environment where there was spiritual violence in the form of diminishing words spoken over you, addiction, abuse, secrecy and control; chances are your wound produced a lie. When the wound becomes a lie, we internalize the actions of others and assign meaning and significance that does not apply. In essence, we pay debt we don’t owe and our pain becomes suffering. The journey of life gets easier when we learn to separate the wound from the lie.

We can be a mature adult physically, while internally the “tapes” that are directing our responses and reactions are the unexamined voices of a child. Healing our worthiness requires that we become radically honest about the wounds of our past but also the lies that attached themselves to the wound.

The wound has become a lie when we find ourselves miserable from the mental anguish of constantly replaying the story. Where is our enemy now? We have become him. Wallowing in old pain can serve a purpose, much like victimhood, which excuses you from showing up in your own life. We have the power to release ourselves from the mental prisons that we patrol and marshal. We are worthy of healing and restoring peace to our lives today by believing that the past does not have to define or dictate our future.